Less time then you no

In early 1970s I lived in Jamaica Plain on a street that came out of Franklin Park.  This family would almost daily  walk past my house to the store and back, he is tall or they are short. Is it easy to make judgements about people based on the way they look? He is, or was—its over 45 years ago—probably the son of one of these women, they may all be family and mothers have hopes and dreams for their sons… and daughters…


My neighbors in Somerville, about 1970, hopes and dreams for a better life, these kids probably, but not necessarily, grew up  to be trump supporters , can you tell by the way they look?


Around Rochester in late 1960s, I do not remember the specifics , I was visiting a friend, this was his daughter,  I remember,  very slightly,  twenty years later I remember taking a short walk outside my office one day and the daughter of the woman the office next to me about the same age joined me  and as we walked along the train tracks behind the office building it dawned on me that a grown man and a young girl alone were “subject to the judgement of others?”  and I immediately returned to the office building, but for this photo I do not remember having that thought, the image just came out nice.


Summer bible school in Phillips, Mainekids09.22_650


On North Scituate  Beach,


Toldeo,  Ohio


And a few blocks away, still in Toledo,


What happened to these people I will never meet again, even were I  to meet them they would not recognize me nor me them, still I see them from time to time in these images which stay the same  as I get older, and my thoughts about them  change over time.



No ledge to stand on

Sometimes i don’t know to whom to talk at which point I realize I do not have the ability to talk to some one, so I talk to myself and get the wrong impression,

To me or not to me

When trump was elected I reread a little of Berlin Diary and essays of Hannah Arendt, studying  history even though  I read,  it was difficult to imagine how things evolved to a kleptocracy when there were many good intentions.

Bluwink of an I

Seeing the trump thing unfold—there is an elephant in the room, its listed in the DSM—I begin to have new questions about people and behavior,

A building in San Francisco

Understanding why people do things, individual  or groups, and by doing things I specifically mean human behavior. We can empirically define behavior if we do such as 1) he jumped two feet,; 2) She raised her arm there inches;

Chinatown, San Francisco

yett we cannot empirically say 1) Reading that book caused her to do that, or; 2) being raised in that environment caused him to become a drug addict. These are different kinds of measurement, the former based on quantitative  benchmarks which are commonly shared, the latter based on qualitative standards in which human judgment is involved, and  different people have different standards for judgement.


While the quantitate measurements are more definitive  it is the qualitative judgements that give us more understanding. We cannot read the minds of another person and in this sense we cannot know what motivates another person.

Shadow on the window blinds

While is impossible for people to predict the future of society or the behavior of individuals, people do make predictions. Scientific professional pollsters make predictions about human behaviour based on scientific statistical standards.

Walking along Alameda Creek

When  you make a prediction that is one possiblity. In the universe there are infinite different possibilities for the future,  and the chances of success are very slim: One/infinity.  Scientific polling methodology uses the “best practices statistical methods” which while not “perfect” —and as we have seen the odds of predicting are One/ Infinity.— are qualitatively more successful at predicting outcomes than all other methods.

Al Capone Pizza, Haymarket, Boston 1970

And while there are those individuals who make successful predictions, including multiple successful predictions, the “best practices statistical methods ” will always  be more successful, at least as benchmarked by the standard.

My beautiful wife

How does this  apply in “Real Life?” When trump supporters say that because the scientific pollsters failed to make the correct prediction in the election  is proof that any other of  their efforts are also failures is not empirically supported. Nor is their failure to predict mean that others who did not use “best practices of statistical analysis” and were successful in their prediction will be successful again or over the long run— those that use “scientific best practices” are empirically shown to be more successful in the  long run always and usually in the short run.

sp8895A_650Anyone who makes a prediction about human behavior might be successful in a single  or even multiple situations and while  some people are better at it than others they are not better than the “scientific best practices. ” Remember, once a prediction is made the odds are one/infinity of being successful, “Infinity” being some value we do know what to put there.


Viewing the images of Boston this past week, an area where I once lived, reminds me of when I was an art student in 1977, I believe this is Magazine Street, Central Square…


and River Street, about  two blocks from the Charles, I used to live in the second floor apartment in the brick  building center right. Traffic was basically closed for five days, but I was driving a cab (part-time) so I got to be out in the craziness.


Another image from Central Square, about 1969, a brother and sister…


Sitting in a chair  starring at the desk, this man had a successful career as a financial analyst, now he can sit for hours…trump and his band of Republicans want these people to die as soon as possible, its a strategy for reducing medicare and social security expenses and they wish them to die as horrible a death as possible  as trump removed federal regulations and penalties for violation of regulations concerning the care of residents in memory care and nursing home facilities  as these regulations get in the way of profits. For trump and Congressional Republicans its about ethics, integrity, regulations, science, intelligence— these are all socialist liberal ideologies that get in the way of profits. Make America Great is about a country where success is defined by enabling business people  to  cheat, bully and abuse others  to increase profits.


Why I like this area of California, below is a few days ago, while all that cold and snow were unleashed in Boston,  on the levee along Alameda Creek  where I walk, almost everyday,  four miles, in under one hour, listening to daily podcast of The Archers (Sun-Fri),  Bloomberg Surveillance and P&L, Melvin Bragg’s In Our Time, TIP and of course, Car Talk.


An import product from Japan (available in the Daiso  chain store) to increase “sharpshooter skills”,  for males only, I guess this product discriminates against non-males. This may be one area where non-males cannot do something males can do— if there is “left over stuff”  sticking to the sides of the toilet, males can clean it by precise aim while standing while non-males have to get a brush or cloth and bend down using their hand and wipe it clean.  The boy in the illustration looks like it was modeled on Italian  fountain sculptures but it looks like the “flow” is based on electronic  cryptic communication packets.  Little known fact , the average peeing duration of mammals is about 25 seconds, I heard it on public radio on a science show which empirically studied  the subject at hand , or in the case of non-males, not at hand.


A spontaneous image from the late 1960s, if I could go back to those days and redo them I might be happy today but then one gets caught up in the delusion that everyone is looking at you and laughing when in reality they are mostly concerned that others are looking at them and laughing. I guess one measurement of maturity is when you get over that.


And in closing,  for that reader who has ever seriously wondered what does it look like in the largest shopping mall in Newark, California… reminds me of a 1970s song by David (forgot last name) about Somerville, with the line…

The lights change from red to green and back again to red.


Know tomorrow like yesturday

I never rode a cable car in San Francisco, though often I  like to stand on the corners at California and Powell. California Street going west and Powell Street going North are steeply rising. The traffic control  is a traffic  light on  each corner, usually blinking red, however some of the , instead of showing a round red light, show a red  “X.” Pedestrians and drivers sometimes get confused.


I never rode the cable car, it costs $7.00 to ride it, I’m too old to be comfortable paying that much money to ride something when I could walk, so I will probably never ride one. It looks as if these people might be a little board.

The I’s have it

San Francisco  evening, when I lived in New England, and for the first few years I was in California I used to hike in “backwoods area” but for the past 30 years I have found myself walking , you could call it hiking, around San Francisco.

Christmas week in San Francisco

Not pitching a tent for the night, of course, but taking BART ( Bay Area Rapid Transit) somewhere in SanFrancisco and then walking around, usually back to Market and a Bart Station before the bay tunnel.

Color, line, shape, texture, value

My feet sometimes feel like they belong somewhere else, sometimes its somewhere I do not want to be and the compromise is I get something to eat.

Feels, don’t fail me now

Some wear, sum save


It takes a little effort to see everything in this image, its in the window of a second hand store along S.Virginia Street in Reno.


It is the New Year,  we wish us all the best for 2018.

Youres end and my be

At 72 years of age, who would have thought…,  shigoraki tokkuri and ki-seto guinomi. Although Kyoto style pottery was mostly porcelain which was “high fire”— basically meaning that the temperature in the kiln as high enough to “vitrify” the glaze making the container impermeable—Japanese “folk pottery” did not accomplish this until ki-seto.

shigoraki tokkuri and ki-seto guinomi

Ki-seto was an effort to reproduce celadon and later, pieces were made to line the walls near the door removed at different intervals  to measure the temperature and duration, and, when removed some were thrust into water and SCHZAMM!! the color black giving birth to Kuro-oribe (and oribe-guro, which is another story.).

kuro-oribe guinomi

And thankfully  to say, many kuro-oribe and oribe-guro such as my gunomi  above strongly reflect the tradition while expressing the potter.

Below, images


Some people want to try to manipulate things, some people claim to be able to manipulate things, and other promise they can manipulate things,  such as the economy,  world affairs, a market, a personal “brand,” and lay claim to understanding human behavior and the meaning/purpose of life.



I cannot, and to my sadness,  make that claim, Unfortunately I tried to see things as they were happening,  which is why I like Ozu films which  (to me) visually present  a sense of “real behavior,” as differentiated from films which distort time and conversation to create a  visual metaphor which is visually is unlike real behavior.

Embarcadero, SanFrancisco

To my wife Ozu’s films are slow and boring, and although I often enjoy Tora-san, to my wife its stupid—my taste in film is boring  and stupid.

Financial district, San Francisco

And things will get better, whether you want them to or not, but no one knows when… or how, or where, or why, or what.And whatever you want to say about trump, his behavior has seriously diminished the legitimacy and global influence  of the United States of America and dishonored the  people of the United States.

trump has expressed to the world there is nothing more important than having money, and  that end  justifies any means  to get it, and any other ends are despicable.