Post Six: evidence lack of understanding does not matter

Waiting in San Francisco

Every wonder why trump’s ignorance which would be a negative for most people who seek to be a leader? Its because you are misjudging him as a leader who has a vision for this country.

People in San Francisco

trump is not concerned with content, that is the meaning of issues, whether health care, global warming, what color tie to wear,  how to smirk at this adoring crowd—everything which we consider issues  with meaning are for trump simply things  to use to build and consolidate personal power.  Trump wins…whenever he supports a position and others discuss it’s meaning for policy and there impact it might have on the United States.

Store window in San Francisco

trump does not care how any position might effect the United States, only whether he can use it build and consolidate his personal power to attain his goal of doing to the United States what putin did to Russia—trump! president for life!  And if you have not listened he has said this twice in public.

Feets don’ fail me, at least my legs reach the ground

Consider this model, trump has 35% support, 65% non support. Instead of increasing his 35% trump takes positions, tweets vicious lying accusations at people, rants about kneeling, threatens to blow North Korea off the planet, and the 65% concerned about content start discussing positions and soon help are 15%,15%, 15% and 20% and trump’s 35% is no a majority by plurality

celph made images of my shadow

And if you watch, trump never takes a leadership —he has no  vision for the USA,  only a vision of growing his own personal power.  No matter how health care comes out trump can blame others for the negatives —he can clash stood up for everyone being covered by Congress up  created the problem, while at the same time he stood up for removing Obama care but Congress did not act on their promise to end Obama care. And trump “winning” is him building and consolidating his personal power, not to make America a better place, but to use his political power to do favors for people in return for their active financial support for turmp’s business, such as holding events at trump buildings or going a club at $3000,000 a pop.

Everyday ,or almost everyday, I walk four miles along Alameda Creek in less than one hour and see these sights every day.




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