So you duppose it dakes any mifference?

Bizen tokkuri by Nakamura Makoto and ki-seto guinomi by Shugai Masano

Sometimes it seems there are more opinions than there are people, and inspite of “new electronic media” I am not so sure it was any different in the past.

San Francisco house on a hill

Can someone have a phake opinion?  A difference of an “eye” between  friends might be a needle looking for a camel in a place not yet phound.

San Francisco store on a hill

Shopping in San Francisco on a beautiful sunny day

A memorable day shopping in Union Square
What is more interesting, twitter or pretty girls?


texture made with a photo image


The lure of electric wires and bright lights

The hills of San Francisco offer ways to find new sights of the same old thing..

Downtown and fresh

while the streets just walk on buy.

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