Daelite say vings thyme

From the garden of Mieko

In  autumn we have persimmons in our garden and the orange color reminds me of a harvest moon.

Street in San Francisco

The words “that photograph has been photoshopped” imply that there was originally something real about the photograph and now its been made unreal but photographs are line, color, texture, form while the meaning comes from a person experiencing the image.

Light walking in San Francisco

Often people are worried about what others think of them and maybe I should have been more concerned when I was younger,  perhaps I ignored something that could have made a difference in my life.

San Francisco man

But experiencing how this country has treated trump with respect and dignity causes me to regret that when I had an opportunity to cheat people and treat them like garbage that I did not do it. The things I valued in my life were really of little value and the things I believed were unethical and immoral were actually steps to getting what you want.

The I’s of noing

Still I keep looking think maybe next time I will really see something.

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