Shyning the liet

Hayward hills waiting for the SF train at the BayFair BART

You have some different logistical situations in riding BART to San Francisco from the Union City station. What used to be the last station, Fremont BART station, one beyond Union City station, is now second to last and the newly opened Warm Springs station is the last station.


San Jose flower shop with balloons



For the past two years whenever I walk by this alley in China town I make an image.


A busker often reminds of the Joni Mitchell song…

Red and yellow on gray

Certainly does not look like a motorcycle gang showing off  outside a favorite coffee spot.

Exciting San Francisco street corner life, or maybe its just a bunch people who do not mind standing in line for lunch.

San Francisco is a place for young people and gray a nice background  for showing off…



Man in the Maze,  I’itoi or I’thi or perhaps it should be human in the maze, I doubt there are any gender differences between those of us who feel this design and those that do not. Its an ancient  Hohokam design found on petroglyphs and ancient baskets, now often seen in Hopi jewelry and Pima baskets. The labyrinth represents experiences  and decisions we make in our lives as we work our way to our final destination.


Morris Bellis, this may be the only image of him on the WWW, we used to have moving business in Boston area and purchased second hand heavy duty  tires from him. Its an interesting story with more photographs for a later time.


Driving down the road to the house we would see the top of  this abandoned building. Right in front of  house the hill drops sharply  making the space between the end of the field and the beginning of the house visual interesting because the house appears close to the end of the field but we know we are seeing the second floor and the drop we cannot see must be steep.


I am taking someone else’s words, but I am not making any money  from them nor am I representing them as my own, we feel good when we feel this and too often it goes away.



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