Thanks fore tanks and other phranks

Just when you thought things could not get more bizarre, trump moves the Republican party to the party of pedophiles and trump supporters love it—after all , paraphrasing trump, for Republicans pediphiles are more desirable Americans than liberals.

I like to drink sake with my diner and below are some of the guinomi I enjoy using.


Natural art? Nature responds to people . . .  below is a poster of various ways nature has responded to humans, various images of the top of the letter “T” in the word STOP as it appears on different streets.


And the letter “O” …


A snow cat melting inside


And another Morris Bellis, standing outside his discount tire center one January morning  1970  in Arlington, Massachusetts. We had a moving business back then and used to buy second hand 6 ply tires for our vans from Morris. He used to have a new tire store on the “main artery” coming form the North Shore  into Boston and when “urban renewal ”—a 1960s federal program  to update  urban areas which were considered  in need of updating, a program which was for the most part about private developers making campaign donations to Congress to influence the federal government to use  “eminent domain” to transfer “blighted properties” into the hands of the enlightened developers.


Morris lost his tire shop on the main drag, which destroyed his business so some chain business could rent  from some developer.  He was close to retiring and so he opened up this second hand tire store  in  an unknown section of Arlington.










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