Mess inchur not me sage

A building San Francisco

Everyday more and more “data” is being recorded and saved.  In ancient times this might a individual whose jobs it was to remeber, involve a clay tablet which could be broken. Paper and ink was lighter and easier stored and transported, but digital…

Reflection of a building in the windows of One Maritime in San Francisco

its a whole nother thing. Your personal information, once reduced to a bunch of 0s&1s can be on drives or servers anywhere anyplace anytime. Even simply by computer error, where code gets accidentally generated  or rewritten and your information accidentally appears somewhere and is passed around, who knows where.

Another reflection of some buildings in the windows of One Maritime, includes the inside of the building, the outside of the building and the reflections of building blocks aways in the window.

Perhaps its unlikely, who is to say in the universe this set of molecules that is me can only come together one. True, we are talking god zillions of molecules floating around the universe, but the idea that this same set of molecules once again forms is more likely than the possibility of “intelligent design” and there are many in this  country who believe that “intelligent design” is a more real explanation than the scientific theory of evolution, though these are the same people who when they need an operation do not go to their pastor because they trust in God but go to a doctor who trusts in science.

A light converswayshun with my cellph

I could just be arguing with mycellph, and I would not no it, or perhaps I am overstructured and lack the basic cents to see it.

Travel inadventures missing the end of summer outside of Brattleboro sometime befour I got lost

Living in the San Francisco Bay area, WHERE THE WEATHER IS GREAT ALL YEAR ROUND thank you, I miss the New England version of the end of summer when the corn is head high,  the sun starts to get lower in the sky and the shadows get longer on the earth.

Complementary reflection between red and green

“And the last thing I want to do
Is to say I’ve been hittin’ some hard travelin’ too.”


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