Progressive regression: A last day of messed memories

Bodhitara had two brothers, Prajnatara asked them all the same question, but only Bodhitara transformed to the  Bodhidharma who brought direct pointing to the Buddha Mind across the water to China.


Perhaps you cannot trust a poster but at least they are not like a politician, they naturally self destruct.


I am sure most of you have seen the word “STOP“ painted at street crossing and wondered, what really happens to that word when I am not there to see it. Here is a poster of the top of the letter “T” in the word “STOP” at different street intersections. Its nature’s way of making art.


A sightful frightful faceful…


A farm auction  in Maine, 1970


Circles I have  known

mipstr_circles9_650And a message from the street…pstr.dontGiveUp_650

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