Igor two please

A bizen tokkuri   by Nakamura Makoto and a kuro-oribe  guinomi by Koyama Tomomori, perfect for an autumn  afternoon, NOTE: the spell  checker wants to change guinomi to genome, obviously the spell checker does not appreciate sake.pstr_bizenKuroOribe-2_650

Kokeshi guards maintain order,  unwilling to pass judgement knowing all things will pass.


A musician welcomes you to visit the  alley in Chinatown SF.


Feets don’t fail me now as look for my next step..


or hitch a ride on  my way to freedom


Almost daily I walk the levee  along Alameda Creek. In 2007 with  my son at  college I moved my office to home and started seriously walking four miles.

Along Alamede Creek, Fremont CA

Then I was doing the four miles in  in 52 minutes, now at 72  I am doing it in 60 minutes,  getting old. When I am out there and  feel the effort of walking  I focus on my plans to go to Japan next spring and I need to be in condition to spend everyday walking around at least 12 hours

Along Alamede Creek, Fremont CA

Could not resist this  fun while  passing by wine glasses in a restaurant window in San Francisco…

Wine glasses in a restaurant window

My view from the top, do you think I am in  hesitation, do you think I lack confidence, did you fail to make an effort to see those things which were important to me? or only judge me by your own wants?  Whatever it might have meant,  earlier it makes little difference now,


P.S. After writing I did my four miles, 54 minutes! while  listening to the day’s broadcast of The Archers, Tom Keene on Surveillance and  Bloomberg P&L with Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz.


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