Knew of the swin and know of the win


I might seem happy to you but if you only knew me better you might have reached  a different conclusion

Four in one begs the question, how many  winds does it take to make the cake that feeds us all?


Another original  consumer product from Japan—toilet target marker stickers—as if there is not enough


I walk along the levee  most everyday, and over the past nine years I have met many people, this is Leo, he walks very fast, fast than me and I do four miles in under an hour.


Going through Gallup, NM in 2004  I stopped to walk around and met this young gentleman eager to spread the cheer of FastBucks…“Come on Down…”


About 1968 in some alley in Toledo, three kids and a dog, they probably would have appreciated some fast bucks, maybe even some slow bucks or any bucks at all…


Fort Hill, Roxbury, MA, about 1970.  In the days of slow transportation Fort Hill was about a one day journey  or Beacon Hill/BackBay, with a beautiful view of what was to become  the Boston  we now know, and perfect for a summer home for the wealthy. By this  time most of the homes were becoming more rundown and Mel Lyman and family had bought one to renovate, although you cannot see it in this image.


A summer day in San Francisco, were there lions and tigers and bears once here?


Concentration is not just a game, its for reel, so you can make a deal with what  you steal and leave the meal to the heels.




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