Attax and discreeded dialysis


When you go to San Francisco you may look down California Street, towards Berkeley…


or you may emerge from the lower depths of BART along Market St.  somewhere.


A portal to an aged older fantasy where I tend bar behind a curtain of bamboo,


The entrance to a night club inTokyo, I forget where but its about  three stations west of Shibuya…


Alligator, obviously from the Delta, a great performer, plays guitar, accordion, fiddle, banjo,  dances around like Mick, plays “popular” songs including  FatsWaller, Bing Crosby Dylan, Hank, Gershwin and on.  A great performer plays around SantaCruz area.


The times I have been in “downtown” Reno  the afternoon sun …


San Francisco is my favorite, I stand outside watching people inside eating  thinking I should feel some  thing personal but I am really not hungry or cold


Doc introduces  this song ( if I remember right)  by say he learned it from housemother who learned it from  Grandma Green  who learned it from  her mother  so its very old (something like that). Here is one verse…

“As the little girl still trembling stood
Before that rich man’s door
With a frowning face he scornfully said
“No room, no bread for the poor.””

Oh Yah, even though its an old song there is a verse about trump and Republicans …

“The rich man slept on his velvet couch
And he dreamed of his silver and gold
While the orphan lay in a bed of snow
And murmured, “So cold, so cold.””


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