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“It’s related to the Official Secrets Act,” he said. “Journalists should be able to tell what is secret and what is not… We already have press freedom. There’s freedom to write and speak… There’s press freedom if you follow the rules.”

Myo Nyunt, deputy director for Myanmar’s Ministry of Information

You might think I am looking for you, may be here  or there, or someplace where, you re knot in my mind nor even in my shoe…sf9718_650

I left it all behind one day, Daruma brought zen to China, it was not called zen  but dhyana in India and chan in china, still it never needed a name , only if it helps you feel better when you  have a name for something, if it does not have a name do you think it does not exist?SJDaruma2387B65%ppi100_650

When truth is found does that mean it was lost? Who lost it?  perhaps it did it not exist before it was found?

When the truth is known to be lies and all the love within you dies. Don’t you want somebody to love, don’t you need somebody to love.


Some say the beginning of zen was Kasyapa holding up the flower and Buddha smiling , others wonder why Ananda was not chosen first, Is that discrimination?


But for myself I am thankful for the simple things in life, some green some red, lines and textures, and something not in the picture.


And being able to come to San Francisco to see the tall  buildings




and wonder what people are doing to make their lives better? I would like to have a coffee shop date  where we sit  together surfing theWWW  and sharing our discoveries…instead of quickly walking bye, missing out on intimacy.


But I had no choice, or perhaps  I had a choice and did not make it, or let some else make it fore me, anyway I mite wish “to sit once more in that room again, ten thousands dollars at the drop of a hat, I’d give all gladly if life could be like that.”

PS: you might think I stole that from Dylan but he stole it from an English folk song about John Franklin’s tragic  voyage to the Arctic, and if you listened to Dylan’s  tape to  the Nobel prize committee, its likely  the  writer of the Franklin’s Voyage “folk song” stole it from some else going all the back, metaphorically speaking, to Adam. The beat goes on,  its just sometimes the people are not dancing to it.


I don’t no why.


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