Youres end and my be

At 72 years of age, who would have thought…,  shigoraki tokkuri and ki-seto guinomi. Although Kyoto style pottery was mostly porcelain which was “high fire”— basically meaning that the temperature in the kiln as high enough to “vitrify” the glaze making the container impermeable—Japanese “folk pottery” did not accomplish this until ki-seto.

shigoraki tokkuri and ki-seto guinomi

Ki-seto was an effort to reproduce celadon and later, pieces were made to line the walls near the door removed at different intervals  to measure the temperature and duration, and, when removed some were thrust into water and SCHZAMM!! the color black giving birth to Kuro-oribe (and oribe-guro, which is another story.).

kuro-oribe guinomi

And thankfully  to say, many kuro-oribe and oribe-guro such as my gunomi  above strongly reflect the tradition while expressing the potter.

Below, images


Some people want to try to manipulate things, some people claim to be able to manipulate things, and other promise they can manipulate things,  such as the economy,  world affairs, a market, a personal “brand,” and lay claim to understanding human behavior and the meaning/purpose of life.



I cannot, and to my sadness,  make that claim, Unfortunately I tried to see things as they were happening,  which is why I like Ozu films which  (to me) visually present  a sense of “real behavior,” as differentiated from films which distort time and conversation to create a  visual metaphor which is visually is unlike real behavior.

Embarcadero, SanFrancisco

To my wife Ozu’s films are slow and boring, and although I often enjoy Tora-san, to my wife its stupid—my taste in film is boring  and stupid.

Financial district, San Francisco

And things will get better, whether you want them to or not, but no one knows when… or how, or where, or why, or what.And whatever you want to say about trump, his behavior has seriously diminished the legitimacy and global influence  of the United States of America and dishonored the  people of the United States.

trump has expressed to the world there is nothing more important than having money, and  that end  justifies any means  to get it, and any other ends are despicable.

2 thoughts on “Youres end and my be

  1. It was probably time for US to step off the world stage for a bit, and let someone else lead, someone who Cares. It might be good for us to be a Second World country for a while.


  2. Despite a president for whom the high point of western civilization is the Plantagenets, likely his preference is for John, and whose vision of a “great president” is putin and now Xi, I do believe in the greatness of western institutions as they have been developed since Magna Charta and the US Constitution and these will be too powerful for Republicans and trump to overthrow still they will drag them through the pig sty. Its obvious Republicans never read the Faust story.


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