Less time then you no

In early 1970s I lived in Jamaica Plain on a street that came out of Franklin Park.  This family would almost daily  walk past my house to the store and back, he is tall or they are short. Is it easy to make judgements about people based on the way they look? He is, or was—its over 45 years ago—probably the son of one of these women, they may all be family and mothers have hopes and dreams for their sons… and daughters…


My neighbors in Somerville, about 1970, hopes and dreams for a better life, these kids probably, but not necessarily, grew up  to be trump supporters , can you tell by the way they look?


Around Rochester in late 1960s, I do not remember the specifics , I was visiting a friend, this was his daughter,  I remember,  very slightly,  twenty years later I remember taking a short walk outside my office one day and the daughter of the woman the office next to me about the same age joined me  and as we walked along the train tracks behind the office building it dawned on me that a grown man and a young girl alone were “subject to the judgement of others?”  and I immediately returned to the office building, but for this photo I do not remember having that thought, the image just came out nice.


Summer bible school in Phillips, Mainekids09.22_650


On North Scituate  Beach,


Toldeo,  Ohio


And a few blocks away, still in Toledo,


What happened to these people I will never meet again, even were I  to meet them they would not recognize me nor me them, still I see them from time to time in these images which stay the same  as I get older, and my thoughts about them  change over time.


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