Nos he is lying

What to do when your chawan is empty?  Sit and wait…


or ask a Buddha for help?

Let it be known there is fountain not made by the hands of men.


Daruma once said “Buddhas don’t do good, Buddhas don’t do bad.”


“If you study Zen you must really study it. If you become enlightened it must be real enlightenment.  If you once see the barbarians’s real face intimately, then you have at last “got it.”  But when you explain what you saw, you have fallen into relativity.”

Commentary on Wakuan’s “Why no beard?”, Case IV, Mumonken


Explain to me, if a person can “pass” the cognitive test then when  they are expounding lies about facts  the conclusion is they are doing it intentionally. If the lying causes damage, and the person shows no stress at hurting others, they have no conscience, no remorse and have a serious personality disorder.


What is behind the next door?  Tomorrow more lies, more hate and finally war, people dying, property destroyed and trump gets his big military parade—but it will be worth it if you have a bomb shelter…


Evening in San Francisco .

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