Mined over Madder

Seeing  beyond what I feel makes the where we are a little less to blame, certainly no less than seeing. Coming out of BART at Civic Center, usually odor of urine and a few  unpleasant looking people, usually men but not always gender exclusive, occupying various positions on the first few steps. But here the sky is blue  and two arrive.


you know wear but its ok do wonce.


Old cars are beautiful, to me, especially through a window meaning  I like to look but taking care of them is too time consumiing.


When many  were in university it was easy to miss Hegel, he was hiding in the library and sometimes made a cameo appearance in philosophy classes which then as probably now, were not considered cost effective either in time or fees for a career, and after all, everyone has their own philosophy just as everyone has “their own taste in Art, ” and besides, in the age of trump, what is there to learn, especiallly from a man whose images look like he has no neck.

pstr_hegelOne copy

I went to San Francisco, if I go early and by the way, I got the senior discount card so its less than half price as long as I am “registered” with the “BART” which I assumes it means they will be tracking  all my movement whenever I ride BART but then again so what. When I go early in the AM the sunlight is shining directly on this well known building and a few blocks north-east the image  is at its most reflective in the windows of the Maritime Building.


Bill & I , Bill lives across the street and the main Japanese food stores are about 30 miles away so sometimes together we go to guy food supplies, Bill lis 20 years older than me  although I did not realize I was that much taller but a differences in age is not compensated for by a difference in height ad i think he may be in better shape than I .


Could you or I, or him or her, or some of  them be zen , or is being zen too different than being? (The maybe unknown factor here is some readers  may not know this  Japanese pottery kiln is called Bizen and pronounce bezen. its great for sake or beer and this particular technique is called hidasuki  where the pottery is wrapped in twine before being fired.)


Every day now I find myself thinking about being old and what my father  and mother were feeling and thinking at my age… and then how too often when they were alive I was too concerned with my own feelings and thoughts too understand and then I realize how my son is the same.


Beside I imagine when you read the title of this blog you thought the subject of this post would be the insanity of investing in Bitcoin.

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