Less ons about more ons

As I get older I often find myself  thinking  about how my father thought about his life,reflected on his life,  at the age I am now (72 years old). Was he haunted by ghosts appearing in the morning fog, I thought not when he was my age, but now I am there I understand I  missed an opportunity to understand.


One of the GREAT Pleasures of living in Cambridge on both sides of 1970 was walking down to Harvard Square and experiencing a Brother Blue  (Dr. Hugh Morgan HIll (1921-2009) street performance. With  tambourine and harmonica, a blue fringed leather jacket and penetrating lyrics, he would combine the Bible, Shakespeare and  African American folk stories meaning  fresh   meaning  to modern-day story telling.


The transparency of the  New York Times is so obvious on Russian Hill…


Oribe is a traditional Japanese folk kiln from the Seto-Mino area north of Nagoya, also known for shino, oribe-guro, ki seto  and seto guro. Traditionally its style is creative—simple, rustic, often irregular  in shape, appearing green, brown and white  and yet like japanese folk style creative within tradition. Named after or for or perhaps inspire of , Furuta Oribe (1544-1615) he influenced this style , tea ceremony (as a student of Sen Rikyo) , tea house architecture, tea garden landscape and ikebana. Oribe was found guilty of being involved in a conspiracy  against Tokugawa Ieyasu—the guy most of you know as The Shogun and sentenced to seppuku.


In the alley,


or on Market Street ,


or just waiting Dogot, I like the seat, maybe its his bucket list.sfPeople0823_650

I enjoy Nero Wolfe  stories, and especially the voice performance of Michael Prichard. I used to use tapes and I would just start listening anywhere and end anywhere, never reading  the full story from beginning to end, but experiencing it  like a puzzle,  putting the pieces together out of order , hearing them over and over until finally grasping  the whole story, thank  you Mr. Prichard  for your performances, I   have listened to  them over and over and over and never tire.


Early evening in San Francisco scene from Russian Hill


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