sadenly withart

Last Saturday I took BART to San Francisco, early in the morning, departed at  Montgomery, walked over to  view the reflected image  of the TransAmerica building reflected  in the windows of the Maritime Building.


Later in the afternoon I found myself at Montgomery and Market unknowingly intercepting  thousands of people chanting and carrying signs—printed and handmade, while marching by thousands down Market Street, irregularly making a loud swelling noise that would move down the miles long line of marchers as each marcher vocalized their part. This looks like grandmother, mother and daughter conveniently occupied or ready for the digital age.sfPeople0898_650

and who is not…people8623Detppi100C_650

Around 1970s I made  some images of two people, this was the postcard I sent out,coverimage4x6

separating the seeds and stems from the good stuff…img810

it was  August late afternoon, in a motel swimming pool, by my self, one of those moments when I am sure my wife and son would prefer not to be publicly associated with me.sps0684C_650

I am not a Tom Keene fashionista,  but the bowtie seems to find itself,sps2438C_650

You might think there were no people there never were people who  wanted to be pubicly associated with me, 08.29.10_none005Bwp

and then again you can fool some of the people…07.01.10644wp

In San Francisco this brunch place  is lined up every weekend morning I have been here, and while the line is generally longer, much longer,  around the corner, this part  of the line has the cute girls, and the guy is busy  looking the other way… ah, winter in San Francisco.sfPeople0289_65%ppi100E_650

and weather means it for others, sfPeople1075C_650

for some people  the normal conversation is enough.sfPeople9178_85%ppi100L_650

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