Real itee is in the I of the resealer

The basic idea of psychology is that there exists “One Basic  Psychology” common to all humans, and that any individual personalilty  (the individual expression of that particular psychology) can be found on a normal curve distribution, a concept with which I have never felt comfortable.  Imagine each person having a common set of qualities , and  each individual person may have a combination of more or less of the basic human qualities.

Near downtown Albuquerque before 6:00 am one morning outside a free food service I saw this woman and thought I did not want my mother to be in this situation, And she never was.

The people on the ends of the curve are the wierdos.

The meta level theory which explains  the relationship between the unique  individual  expressions and a working ? order? peaceful? functioning? society is that some distributions are more amenable than others.

But the quality of the society is determined by the relationships between the individual and the individual behavour is a  product of the relationship between the combination of the basic qualities in the individual.

As James would say “Bassford is Bassford.”

Psychology tries  to explain behavour by understanding why people do things.

Pages from a type specimen book of Thomas Todd Typographers in Boston. Each page is a beautiful color.

Sociology on the other hand, uses the concept of “normative behavior, ” i.e. it observes how people behave and differentiates more common behaviors from less common behaviors.

I used to have large website which made exhibitions of themes.

There is an old saying, “I eat, I sleep and I shit.” No one has to wonder or ask why.

Out for a walk one day after lunch, she lost most her memory and suffered with Expressive Aphasia.

A 18th Century philosopher suggested that the reason  some people have “mental problems”  is because each person has two selves, an empirical or real self and an ideal self. The first is easy to understand, its how we behave, what we do is our real self.

Silver City Nevada

Our ideal self is the person we want to be ,  or perhaps should be, and is a  different self. Each person has to learn to live with both selves. Those that cannot live with both selves  have mental problems.

Alameda Creek, Fremont CA

That may sound simplistic, but it is the basis for the psychological theory of The Divided Self. But  the “therapies” using  the theory of the  divided self  argue the path to a well adjusted person is the unification of the selves into one, the original theory just described the situation with no judgement.

Ray’s taxes, fine all hours and men its

My first name is Ray, my father was Ray,  my grandfather was Ray, and, for better or worse, my son is a Ray, but while growing up my father was called Ray Junior, even though his “legal  name” include Senior and mine includes Junior and he (my father) hated being called Junior.

Along Alameda Creek, Fremont CA

So my parents  called me Steve, most of my school life my friends called me Steve, but at the beginning of each school year when the teachers got the roster of new students, I was listed as Ray, and  in the classroom and on the school grounds they called me Ray

Along Alameda Creek, Fremont CA

My graphic design business was officially named Steve Naegele Design and after leaving college, the only encounters with Ray were legal, and they were few.

Along Alameda Creek, Fremont CA

My social security card says Ray,  yet once I was working my business I used Steve on my tax forms,  UNTIL,  I was eligible to receive medicare and the next year, social security. I personality went down to the social security office to make sure there would be no problems between their records and my receiving benefits.  And there were no problems. I will say this again, they had no problems in identifying me as the same person. Yet since that time I use both names with  ‘aka” in between on any official government forms  to hopefully remove future problematic  situations.

Along Alameda Creek, Fremont CA

Over the years I have had different reasons to go to the local Social Security office here in Fremont, and through those years there has been the same “security guard, ” or perhaps a better term would be “ombudsmanof the waiting area.” And as you can imagine when you go to the social security office there is waiting. I do not remember the name of this gentleman, it is on his badge,  but he is very patient,  helpful, knowledgable  and very very  respectful to everyone.

Along Alameda Creek, Fremont CA

My name situation became a problem when my mother, two years after the death  of my father, had a stroke, suffered severe memory damage and was medically determined unable to make decisions. At that time her legal papers designated me as Durable Power of Attorney under the name of Ray.

Along Alameda Creek, Fremont CA

This meant I had to function as both a Ray  and a Steve, and in matters concerning my mother and the family trust  I had to tell the story  explaining the discrepancy between the names and my father not wanting me to experience being called  “Junior” like he was and so on,

My Grandfather Ray, always used to say, “I don’t care what you call me, just don’t call me late for dinner.” While he had to support a family of four hungry boys during the depression, I have always thought that was good advice about learning  to separate things really important from things unimportant.

Along Alameda Creek, Fremont CA

Im memory, in 1950s Mr Graham refused to support  segregated religious revivals in the south and gave Dr King a positive recommendation to then sitting President Eisenhower. Whatever it means or meant is up to interpretation by historians with more understanding of these issues thane me.

While I am not particularly interested in fundamental or evangelical as it has appeared in my life time, (and I do tend to judge people based on their individual qualities and not their group classifications)  the changes, as I observe them,  in society in my life are mirrored by the politicalization of fundamental/evangelical  christianity yielding an active political movement of hate, bigotry, racism, white supremacy, and totalitarianism. Perhaps this image is one scene of a better moment found in the past.


I believe a person’s religion, especially  in a country which has “legal  freedom  of religion, ” is about how that individual behaves not how they tell others to behave. If you cannot do your job because of your religious beliefs then you go find another job, your religious beliefs have no place in the public work place, as far as I am concerned, keep religion and politics out of any public place, your beliefs are only about how you behave, how you treat others, and not how you tell others to behave. If your God is truly a great God, they will take care of you if what you are doing is right but hate and bigotry have no place in a democracy based on consensus based man made laws which come from democratic interaction and compromise.

Sill lygirly whirley round and downed

And she took a small silver wreath
And pinned it onto me
She said, this one will bring you love.
And I don’t know if its true
But I keep it for good luck.

Song/lyrics byBrightEyes


Wood you wander when I was alone,
You were Leafing my memories with your scraps of red,
Your time with me was left for dead
Waiting for your mother
And father to rise
walking one place, instead .
I was too slow  at any
Speed was not enough
To finish ahead of your feelings.

Frank, one afternoon in Salem Maine.

I don’t think I could ever,
Or never,  be a functioning member of a group.
It seems so much wasted responsibility.

Market Street, 2016

Could you risk your path crossing mine
In the day lost ahead
shoring the lands gasps
Of the parade passing my mind
While cleaning yours of all memories
That might bring me some small happiness.

Alameda Creek. Freemont CA

I am still crying
You thought your brother
Failed to be the one
you wanted,  something more
Something less,
The Rev and grand daughter, Tom and Nancy, Strong Maine, 1970

Tom Keene comes on the radio
its was to have the words
Easier to understand their last meaning
Betas and Alphas, price per earnings
And Liberal Democracy wants  and wants
Unended,,  unendorsed,
Or finally unendeared.

I will take the blame I give myself
Two another playce you have ever been
Waiting for riche’s,  hot burgers and
Loose  chips cold and soggy.


I sing form my lower to my higher
And that instant of life moves beyond my dreams
To something that was always cruel.
Don’t think you can act
Strange  or unwanted
My brain works behind time
In tune with the chime of yesterday.

Existential feelings on Saturday BART

Commanding a seat on Saturday afternoon
Sun sets on a day no one else saw
Or tasted, You were blind before I met you
and I was, well, maybe less than I was
And more than the  lottery.

Waiting on your son on Russian Hill.

Its less different this time than last time
But tomorrow there is one more time.

Firmed and freed and fined alley

Sometimes people wonder what will Buddhism want…Why did the bearded barbarian bother to come here at all only to be stalked by some weirdo who cut off his own arm.


Oh, excuse me for being so rude, I didn’t know you were there.  HELLO!!! And what’s the difference, as long as you are making lines.



When I heard about String”  theory and it was described in a context of more dimensions that the ones we know. But I got stuck, dimensions we know? One dimension, its not real, its a concept, a conceptual tool that we use in everyday life  ranging from simple to complex.


Well! what about Two dimensions!… well even Eculid  in “Elements” was adament that a point and line are concepts,  They are not real.


Then I thought a shadow, isn’t it two-dimensional?   Where anytime you have a line. say you draw it on a piece of paper with a pencil, the line is a three dimensional object but “line” is a concept, not real and a verbal tool people “normatively” use use for communication. “Cut on that line.”


In the thought of capturing something two dimensional  I made these images of my shadow,


In-the-early-to-middle morning, about 10:00 am or a little before,  I met this woman on my  walk in SanFrancisco, at this time I did not know about the “woman’s march” (excuse my ignorance, I did not know about the march and as I  write  this I do not know the “Proper Title’ …anyway so later, about 3:pm I had walked my way , via Coit Tower, back down towards the Montgomery and Market BART station, stoping   to walk around  the TransAmerica building, and when I reached Market Street  I came across “The  Woman’s March,”  I was impressed buy the number and sound of the marchers, they just kept going on and on and on and I remembered  I had taken this photo of a woman who was probably on her way to the parade… picked up in a“ ride pool with other women ” car—I cannot imagine where they would park, it would seem to me that it would be quicker to walk there than to drive and find a legal parking place and still be within reasonable walking distance.


Just above San Jose touching the end of the south bay  is an area called Alviso, A few people live there, but when I first moved here  (Fall 1979) there was just the old stuff there, few people living,  boat repair, small dock for a few boats and a probably popular restaurant.  The train tracks go up along the bay there used to be a “town” there about 15 miles up, its  called a ghost town, with the remains of  a few  building and  simple restoration of one.


I have a reason, but when I getting so old its excusable that I may not want to remember, when I go here, its beyond my ken.


Not place I want to go, not today or tomorrow…


WARNING: If you search me  out I may make an image of you, perhaps mostly  I am highdingh  sum playswear I wood finish.


Think about having a street face all, day and then all night too…

Somewhere on The Streets of San Francisco