Ketch me knot know

I like to come to a  noneanimous  decision  win never possible,  but too many times I have no patience with this other guy,me5576Dfnl_650

So illed  I seek the message of Daruma


People knot me or udders leafing their haremons string my lights along and the short of it but the fude must be goooood,


I misprobably inuntentionaly spending  too much love missing time and not enough buying a good person, empty allies with know won waiting for me around the next corner,


or jus being on the back  page

11BarsVer004C_650between there butt offs and ons and the lessor vehicle11BarsVer007psd_650

Sangha misses the dharma and still people spend the time of their life


seeking piece of mined and sole of hart in a christ we no buy suffering,


When I first moved here, from there on the other side of the walkover lands whenever a Bruce Lee film would  screen at the theatre there wold be standing room only, celluloid burning brighter than my best day, Guanyin higheding or protecteding.


I walk four miles a day, along the levee sharing with people’s lost treasuries


witch is why eye  knead to reremined mycelph


Then ken  zen win fine ding  knowthing in dharma, sangha and buddha.


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