miswhims and fourclo

Know refuge in dharma, sangha and buddha?


Or doyo—trayne, tashme, slipslide slingme—wish foryo someless thing be onder, dunder and see in wonder.


What is design????????  Design is 1) the concept of a “thing,”  breaking it down (differentiating) into pieces, defining the pieces  and defining the relationships between the pieces how they fit together to make the “thing.

My legs reach the ground, I do not how how much longer they need to be, or would be if I had done something else then, or should be if did not do what was right then, or could be if I had only done …


Forty nine years ago this event happened , did it change my life? Image the image, developed the film,  made a darkroom print, scanned the negative to make a digital image, made adjustments in photoshop and made this image. What do you see? Try looking at the light and dark areas without further definition into words. Is this something real? I opened the file in photoshop and made some adjustments, it must be manipulated!! IT’S NOT REAL!

It actually happened, no one was asked to pose… still it was “photoshopped ,”


and within the last few months this happened at a BART station, just look at the design of the light and dark and the pattern of  the red…



Still after all this, , I am sure some of you wonder if I am still so stupid as to look like me.


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