Left may run

Did you think she would let you? Why bother asking me if it was not that important?

Maine Gothic, 1970


‘Why somehow the lapse between my feet and eyes  reflect in the broader picture?


The train was her time share, she could sleep on it during the day but at night had to find some place in the park  where hidden from those people she could close her eyes for a while and remember the better times.


Hare krishna, Hare krishna, what is it about? I think Indian gods are more like /Greek-Roman gods as differentiated from the Jewish, Christian,  Islamic god.

Krishna was born as in incarnation of Vishnu in human form  in the Vrishini family of Mathura to foster good and annihilate evil.

Historically  Krishna was a contemporary of the Pandavas in the the Bhagavad Gita story,   Remember, Krishna and Arjuna  in the chariot at one end of the battlefield and .at the other end, Arjuna’s family. the Panadavas, at the ready.  The Krishna story may be  over 3000 years old and has been very influential in Indian culture. If the name Krishna comes up almost  every Indian has a feeling when  hearing or reading it.

His life story is very romantic including a sensational switching-at-birth story, cavorting in the fields with young girls, an intense romance and stealing his wife out from under the diabolical scheming of her bother.

University of Michigan, 1968

Are we as beautiful as we think?,  or as we look?, or as we feel? or as we touch? or as we hear? She thought she was more beautiful than that and I doubted myself, not a great combination.


People see, they feel, and they have to deal with it. Good people find ways to “deal with it” that do not hurt others, and still others get hurt. I do not know if there is any other way but I still choose to not hurt people and it ends up hurting people.

Market Street, SF

I am always wondering to where doors lead,


People live in fear  that the things they own may be stolen by other people,  do you blame them?


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