Origin without prejudice

When whistle  trust longer than when
And light of the midlessway son
Surrounds the end of what I feel
Was the touch of one that couldn’t…
Or wouldn’t, I will never no.
pstr_Trees3d_650A Safe Place is a film made in 1971 with Tuesday Weld, Orson Welles and Jack Nicholson. Bob Stewart took me to see it one afternoon after illustation class visually , I thought,  interesting film.

.Art school was very interesting, the teachers were more interested in helping students learn to express themselves visually and MUCH less  interested in teaching students to learn an established independent body of knowledge. While drawing or painting, etc.,  is on one hand an independent body of technical knowledge,  what is important is the ability of the artist to use the techniques  to express themselves and what the artist expresses is their own concern, not the concern of the teacher.


Still the trains move on BART, no matter,


People I have known, I could say don’t make the same mistakes I made, except I continue to make them over and over again, so my advice is somewhat more or less meaningless.


Westley lived down the  road from Tom and Nancy, here he is driving his tractor, his down east accent was so thick I count not understand 50% of what the words he was saying,wesley291B_700

While you may have concluded that I am hiding from you or congratulating yourself  for successfully evading me, its neither one, you have something else to do and I have something else to do and while I might think that what I have to do is more important than noing you , you may  think what you have to do is more important than noing me.


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