Sill lygirly whirley round and downed

And she took a small silver wreath
And pinned it onto me
She said, this one will bring you love.
And I don’t know if its true
But I keep it for good luck.

Song/lyrics byBrightEyes


Wood you wander when I was alone,
You were Leafing my memories with your scraps of red,
Your time with me was left for dead
Waiting for your mother
And father to rise
walking one place, instead .
I was too slow  at any
Speed was not enough
To finish ahead of your feelings.

Frank, one afternoon in Salem Maine.

I don’t think I could ever,
Or never,  be a functioning member of a group.
It seems so much wasted responsibility.

Market Street, 2016

Could you risk your path crossing mine
In the day lost ahead
shoring the lands gasps
Of the parade passing my mind
While cleaning yours of all memories
That might bring me some small happiness.

Alameda Creek. Freemont CA

I am still crying
You thought your brother
Failed to be the one
you wanted,  something more
Something less,
The Rev and grand daughter, Tom and Nancy, Strong Maine, 1970

Tom Keene comes on the radio
its was to have the words
Easier to understand their last meaning
Betas and Alphas, price per earnings
And Liberal Democracy wants  and wants
Unended,,  unendorsed,
Or finally unendeared.

I will take the blame I give myself
Two another playce you have ever been
Waiting for riche’s,  hot burgers and
Loose  chips cold and soggy.


I sing form my lower to my higher
And that instant of life moves beyond my dreams
To something that was always cruel.
Don’t think you can act
Strange  or unwanted
My brain works behind time
In tune with the chime of yesterday.

Existential feelings on Saturday BART

Commanding a seat on Saturday afternoon
Sun sets on a day no one else saw
Or tasted, You were blind before I met you
and I was, well, maybe less than I was
And more than the  lottery.

Waiting on your son on Russian Hill.

Its less different this time than last time
But tomorrow there is one more time.

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