Real itee is in the I of the resealer

The basic idea of psychology is that there exists “One Basic  Psychology” common to all humans, and that any individual personalilty  (the individual expression of that particular psychology) can be found on a normal curve distribution, a concept with which I have never felt comfortable.  Imagine each person having a common set of qualities , and  each individual person may have a combination of more or less of the basic human qualities.

Near downtown Albuquerque before 6:00 am one morning outside a free food service I saw this woman and thought I did not want my mother to be in this situation, And she never was.

The people on the ends of the curve are the wierdos.

The meta level theory which explains  the relationship between the unique  individual  expressions and a working ? order? peaceful? functioning? society is that some distributions are more amenable than others.

But the quality of the society is determined by the relationships between the individual and the individual behavour is a  product of the relationship between the combination of the basic qualities in the individual.

As James would say “Bassford is Bassford.”

Psychology tries  to explain behavour by understanding why people do things.

Pages from a type specimen book of Thomas Todd Typographers in Boston. Each page is a beautiful color.

Sociology on the other hand, uses the concept of “normative behavior, ” i.e. it observes how people behave and differentiates more common behaviors from less common behaviors.

I used to have large website which made exhibitions of themes.

There is an old saying, “I eat, I sleep and I shit.” No one has to wonder or ask why.

Out for a walk one day after lunch, she lost most her memory and suffered with Expressive Aphasia.

A 18th Century philosopher suggested that the reason  some people have “mental problems”  is because each person has two selves, an empirical or real self and an ideal self. The first is easy to understand, its how we behave, what we do is our real self.

Silver City Nevada

Our ideal self is the person we want to be ,  or perhaps should be, and is a  different self. Each person has to learn to live with both selves. Those that cannot live with both selves  have mental problems.

Alameda Creek, Fremont CA

That may sound simplistic, but it is the basis for the psychological theory of The Divided Self. But  the “therapies” using  the theory of the  divided self  argue the path to a well adjusted person is the unification of the selves into one, the original theory just described the situation with no judgement.

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