I like pottery most of my collection is comprised of Japanese, Pueblo  and local with a couple of pieces from a potter in Stillwater, Minnesota.

The dining room shelves, may be ten years or so ago.

Pottery was a basic technological creation which enable people survive because it enable people to contain and  store different things needed for survival in everyday use.. Potters went beyond function to make the experience pleasurable for poeple.

Alameda Creek at Beard Staging, Fremont CA
At the Hub in Front

Sometimes I have  images which seem confusing and then I put them  togetherto see if they make sense.


When I see deserted homes I wonder what happened in them, was there happiness, anger, problems feeding the children


some secret I will never no.


A square peg in a round world, I think know one sees me.


Then I remember this line  from a song by Mark Spoelstra


Made in America, how would you like it if your shit followed you around all day.


Still I wake in the morning not noing who I am and at least doing sumthing hoping it will all add up one day.


Wake in the morning open the brokerage account, watch the market, maybe get a trend trade setup or a  long opportunity.







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