Know remorse, compassion or empathy

What does it mean when a person lacks the basic human qualities of compassion, empathy and remorse (call it CER)? Perhaps we should ask Are these basic human qualities? If they are what makes them basic human qualities?


When most of us see others behaving in a way which suggests no CER  in a specific situation we tend to classify it as a one off.  After all, to say a person has no RCE is to make a complex comprehensive judgement which cannot be made from an anecdotal situation.


Furthermore its a major commitment for an ethical  person  to make such a judgement about another person, there would have to be a pressing need to do it.


One major  piece of that commitment would be time, an ethical person would  have to enough time with the individual in question to ensure that it was not less CER but no CER.


Generally when that happens the person making the judgement has reflected over a long history of transactions with that individual as well as listened to comments from others.


In my experience unless you have had the experience of interpersonal interactions with a person who has no compassion, empathy and remorse,  it is difficult to see it. The tendency is to brush it off as less compassion, empathy and remorse and stairway from the person.


By definition a sociopath does not have the human qualities of compassion, empathy and remorse.


Their behaviour, whether in what they say or what they do, shows no concern for how they may affect others. They may say vile cruel lies about others and cannot understand why people are negatively affected. In fact moments after they say it, the sociopath has completely forgotten they said or  did it andante concern of others is just something that gets in the way of the  sociopath  who is focused on what they want—concerned people are just in the way of “getting on with he program.”


Misconverswayshuns are one way I deal with this in todays world.


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