Wonce in a why-el

Saturday morning. up to my mutual misconverswayshuns, stopped and searched at Bayfair Station,


whyle misledconfusion sinks the mind over madder…


and where would I be if knot here?


I guess there.



If  knot for my  Boson Higgs  i might just be wandering around the universe aimlessglee and full of entitlements.


Maybe a little emptiness never hurt ,


while   they’re is know place to hide from a shado that follows me to knowhere.

The noren indicates the shop is open  business

Almost everyday I walk  four miles along Alameda Creek, when I started, Spring 2007,  I did it  in under 54 minutes,  now its longer, getting older, and stopping to talk to people I have come to know as “along the trail friends, ” …

Walking along the Alameda Creek levee

and if I am walking alone I listen to The Archers daily broadcast, Bloomberg Surveillance, P&L,  In Our Time and Car Talk reruns—never get tired of those brothers.

Walking along the Alameda Creek levee

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