Boskey’s revenge

I find it difficult to understand why people do things, i.e. motivation. I find it much easier and clearer to describe what they did.

Almost everyday I walk along Alameda Creek doing four miles, used to be 52 minutes, now at 72 years of age  its longer, but its just not du to my age, after 11 years I have met many people on the trail and I may stop and talk to the,


Where I find more it more common that people can agree on what what someone did, its much less common that people on agree on why they did that. Its easy to get agreement that person A shot person B, much more controversy when the subject moves to why.


I personally do not like psychology which seems to assume that there a “normal person” and that somehow individuals can be placed somewhere  on a “normal curve” based on only specific variable. People are like machines all made of the same parts  and as they live the “same parts”  may get worn in different ways but the “repair” is always to return  the parts to their original (“normal”) condition.


I prefer Sociology which uses the concept of “normative behaviour,”  i.e. behaviour which can be identified empirically as societal norms because it allows for individuals to be unique.



In socialization individuals develop into their adulthood , not due to anything special, a person is born, grows up and is an adult.


Alameda Creek changes  everyday, one day  I will post photographs of people I have randomly met while along the creek and who have become my “creek friends.”

I also like lines and shapes, it does not matter whether I see things which can be differentiated,  one thing from another and given a name.


and a person who tends a tree on public property. Why does this man  do that?


Why does one person treat people with respect while another gets pleasure by treating others with hate.


Why is a president who is a hateful despicable, cruel, unethical  and immoral person admired at all by anyone in the United States?


Boskey’s  Revenge was an annual event, with a reputation,  usually held in Boston area around St. Patrick’s day.  I know people associated with The Plough and Stars, where I used to sometimes drink half  and half  though I actually prefer  100%  Guinness,  located in Cambridge, between Central and Harvard Squares.


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