Sixthly unseptly and slightenly betrayed

Sora would accompany Basho on his trips around Japan, some would say where Basho brushed the ideal image Sora would later report the reality, but it is Basho’s haiku which  we remember, the fake story and not the true story of Sora, because of his presentation, that is one thing which Art is.


Any information on  computers is quantitative not qualitative. Its either a 1 or 0, and that include what appear as  images. With quantitive  information you can infinitely create any number of mathematical tools to make relationships between the individual pieces of quantified data , which can lead to an infinite number of interpretations which one can then sell to customers and anyone willing to believe.


With people like the mercers, the kochs, the trumps and the trump white hosue administration, the bannons, fanatical talkshow hosts,   this kind of information  is a great tool to deceive that group of Americans that are so easily deceived and which we see as trump true believers.


This is what quantifying  the human experience leads to, quantified data which  enables people  to put the different pieces together i ways which are out of context to make fake conclusions to groups of people who lack the ability to measure reality but are  thrilled to enter the world fantasy.


Guinomi are “one-gulp” cups to drink sake,  generally the term refers to the art of the container  as opposed to any container in which one might serve sake. Below are samples of ki sets, hagi, bizen, kyo style, euro oribe, oribe, sets,mashiko, and  you can see a Daruma .


One Saturday afternoon on Market Street probably a few blocks up from Powell Station, the kid looks about 12 years old… imagine his life thirty years from now…


Its the heads that catch  my interest, out on a Sunday afternoon in San Francisco,


A group of hippies, back then people would gather together, get stoned  and enjoy each other interacting  in a different setting,


It could be outside or it could be inside, one of those is really  me as I might have appeared  for 1/125 of a second 48 years ago,


Along Alameda Creek  Levee where I walk most every day, nothing happens too often,  a dead body floated by last year, no one saw it, we just know the place where the car went into the water was above and the it was found about 5 miles below, Most people were busy doing their normal daily lives.



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