Today was the first day it was warm enough to open the  window for the afternoon, happily enjoying  the clean breeze stroking my face past my nose igniting  past  memories of smells.


A normal afternoon along Alameda Creek  Levee, featuring some of the most important things—sky, trees, clothes, houses,  and a wall?


Amazing clouds after a few days of rain, Fremont does not really get much real rain, I mean  it drizzles, it may pour for 30 minutes, or it will rain off and on in the morning and then afternoon,  sun out and blue in the sky.


The bay is behind me, The camera  is facing north east towards the Sierra Mountains, Donner Pass and Reno,


Canadian geese live here all year round, never migrate, but its unusual to see one alone and maybe he is not alone I  and  I made this image which left out the others. i.e. this photograph is not REALLY representative  of the ?????,  the whole area, the real picture,  Phake?


No matter how real you might think the image is in a photograph, it is never a complete image of everything that is “at that time, at that place ”because  while time and place can be the same “that perspective” is always different. Even when the camera is on a tripod  and you take two shots, one after the other, the time is always different but still to the eyes of more than person  the differences might not be perceptible or meaningful.

I could spot/retouch this image, and I think I might, removing/smoothing over the highlight distractions. See what happens next time.


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