Tim, ting and fait

Everyday, or almost every day, Walk my four miles along the Alameda Creek Levee,


It might get a little boring or a lot boring except I take my camera…


so even when I am alone I can believe I have a purpose


I only have eyes for lines and colors and shapes and textures


what else is their?




Dogen went to China about 1200 to practice Chan. On his return he established Eiheiji (ji means temple so it would be redundant to say Eiheiji Temple) and is associated with Soto Zen, zazen and working in the kitchen.


Chicago 1969, SDS Days of Rage, would you feel self righteous or self pity if your name were called or could you leave it set to wrong.


One day in San Francisco poster; one walk I used to make was BART to Civic Center, up Haight street to Golden Gate Park, have a chicken wrap with barbecue sauce at the MacDonalds, walk across to Japan Town area, up Fillmore somewhere, turn right and go back downtown, cross Van Ness, up the hill and down, over to Washington Square (there is free bathroom there) , through North Beach and the edge of Chinatown, past the bookstore and


the big building, catch BART at Montgomery  Station  and on back to Fremont. You can’t do that anymore Steve, they closed the MacDonalds.



One thought on “Tim, ting and fait

  1. I used to work at 45 Hyde, and remember lunch strolls up Polk over several hills, past the original Banana Republic and maybe even lunch at a McDonalds that had been designed by William Stout when he was an architect before being a bookseller, or I may be inventing a 1980s that was more forgiving than the one that was actually exploding in those neighborhoods at the time. My two regular lunch companions from those years are now gone, and those streets are a bit different too.


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