M00re w0re in st0re, its a gl0bal ec0n0my

Enso is a category of zen painting featuring  the brush stroke circle with a history of hundreds of years, imagine how christians might feel to see the cross as a corporate logo?pstrensosmlr_800


But these peole did, my mother was in memory care for three years and one year I made Christmas images for the residence, following are five of those images,


Most of these people had Alzheimer’s  and others like my mother had a stroke or some other form of dementia  resulting in loss of memory.


I would spend time everyday with my mother and  little by little I got to know some of the residents, not as they had been but as they were when I met them,


just as they got to know each other, not as they had been but as they were when they met.


Each life  is important, but you already knew that


Do old buildings get dementia , or just decay away? someone lived in this one when I made the image, a wood stove in rural ME, at least there are curtains and a door…


Buildings are not like relationships, or buildings are like relationships, maybe it depends what side you take—inside or outside,


sometimes it seems they just decay away, maybe the photographs make up old memories or just recall fake ones?


At 72 I oneder why I did not learn to foreget things might have been happier for me.


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