Mess inn a round

In Fremont we have fall days, its not just one constant temperature every day of the year.fremont7775_80%ppi100K800

fore ghettoing whom I was
somewhere on the stream of dreams,
my thoughts are not for you,
But bye writing  this they are with you,
And I could not be more sad.

Could you believe I could know what this image was going to be when I “clicked the shutter? Or would it be easier to believe I thought if I clicked the shutter it might be something interesting?

Exiting Montgomery Street Station, San Francisco. NOTE: I got that whole line in initial caps.


I like the flowing of the leaves,
and the lines of the branches
Its their promise of something
Deep in my heart
that will not part.

tree7773_80%ppi100C800“Do you think that I sleep in a hollow log?”
Sound like a strange linear a song, but you can hear in delta blues. I guess if  you got know other place to sleep its better than no thing.

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