Knay chure or kner chure

My Sunday late afternoon, some may recognize the format and no, I do not bother reading the editorials, but the information and methodology on investing is excellent… and I use “stocklookup.”


Waiting fore go dough, the train which seemed so slough while Jimi preformed “Hey Jough’…


Would you think of reincarnation as a possibility if the exact same “small particles” which separated after death could  later come together exactly as they were before? Where were they before, and before that…or…

Perhaps 95% of them came “together again,”  not a match?

Maybe its hear? Do you think I have the right to stand across the street and make this image of people? Who “owns” the copyright??? Do I have a right to take this information ,which by the way is not up to date, everything in the image has aged.


Or sumwear off BART…


I don’t want you to “know” too much about the things I see, just  the experience; if this were evidence in a courtroom it would not count for much, but if this were evidence in an art room you can feel the experience.


This was the actual image made in the camera, I see it but I cannot put the question into words.lensProb

I see, I no, and still money speaks to most people, its a wonder we have people willing to give their lives to something on a higher order…

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