When less and sell refuse to quell

I was so much  younger than  I would have been, Filene’s Basement in the 1960s and 70s, three floors similar to Ross or Marshall’s, but Filenes’  was the one  and only then, buying up last years left over stock, seconds, fire sales, and offering it for sale in their basement at huge discount prices.  Every year they had Brooks Brothers clothes for men, JAMMED PACKED!


Stop in for a little piece of pie…




I don’t usually give out investment advice, but then again, credit goes to credit due, the Oracle of Omaha.


San Francisco somewhere in Chinatown on the down side of the hill probably heading towards Broadway,


Once again  I am caught hoping for something  beyond my ken or at least beyond by liege,


Around a  corner,  down a side street  and a brass roof


Later afternoon,


You might think I am less confused than I was, say 35 years ago,  but you might be wrong, I have never understand to forgive what made yesterday.


But  even if I were a part of some whole I  would still feel for my heart…


And it is still beating, one day I visited a house  where a zen  priest lived , he was practicing brush and mad this image, its a mu shin, 無心,  read right to left and it looks like Daruma is chasing his mind,  “Show me your mind Daruma!”


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