Know mismalunpropreationors allowed

I was very fortunate to be born in the USA as it enabled me to have these misconversations with myself.  No one else wanted to have them with me, and if I had lived else where I might have had friends and never known.flag0010C_40%ppi100H800

Asimov once said  “The most important words in science are not ‘Eureka!’ but “That’s funny.’”


This group of protons comes together for a short period and declares itself “ME!,” and maybe reincarnation is right, like clock, the universe expands and contracts through all time and sometimes the same protons will again find each other.


Or maybe they will just google me…


only to find out I was not really here before…


just a singular event which would happen to anyone in the hould.


Grandfather and grandson sharing a day at a campground near Arcadia, Maine, about 1972, seems like along time ago.



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