Be for the dur, ashun

Can we find something we never lost,
Because we never had it
‘though we knew deep down in our heart
It was the one thing that could bring us happiness.


When does the heart  just stop
Or be willing to trade love for piece?
And then peace for quiet
And then quiet for loneliness.
Its not my onlyeeness.

Wading for godough,
didn’t say when she would show
but wait for the wind to blow
And sing along with “Hey Joe’
Don’t make it go.
Play a sad  song
And let it get under your skin.


Many may know I walk four miles a day along the levee along the creek (in under an hour so at 72 its ok)  and I know its spring time when…


And always somewhere eye police watching


Color and gesture, or do you think fish get fat?


San Francisco, double the door and triple the rent!!


The chance for losing had better be spent.


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