Tie the tithe quothe the wise

“Faith the flag,”he said it not just once, but three times, bigly like  the trumpet of an elephant,—“Faith the flag! Faith the flag!”


I thought of one held in my mother’s hands on a spring day in Sante Fe
And again I saw the path I had taken was unlike his.


I never knew  him like I imagined other people know their father, or mother,
Or like they were as characters in a tv show or  a movie.


He once told me, “You have not got it yet, after all these years you still have not got it.”


Off course I did not know what to say, what he said was true,


So you will often find me where I wonder who I am


And when colors lay spread like peanut butter,  the night wants less to do
Look for me in the window pane, the place where my heart is  through.


Its then  I thought of you, me with less too you
and more than left over adao.
Look in the red line  where my faith it unseals
’til I think it could all bye true and still be healed.


I am  who I am who I am_ _ _


And I am wear I am where I am.



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