Tora-san was a role in Yamada Yoji films, 48 in all, all the same basic story, and still he was a treasure in Japan.torasan3270_800

Most of Yamada’s other films were about important things in human relationships and I think he often stood on the shoulders of Ozu by building on his film technique and his interest in what it means to be human.


Many have their own idea of what Japan is about, I think social eating and drinking is a main characteristic of Japanese people, and eating okinomiyaki is one of them. This is alittle hole into wall in a back street of Asaksasa near Sensoji, and it was great …


and mocha treats on the streets of Shibamatashibamata9674_800

family and friends at Asakusa Starbucksasakusa9993Det40%ppi100C800

and everyday common  things outside in the street,asakusa0006_25%ppi100C800

windows and electric wires everywhere.


and stone lanterns.







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