Buddha held the flower, Kasyapa smiled and 2500 years later, still we are hearing and reading, what a waste of human life

I do not look for what is reel, nor what is phake, images to just express my feelings, and responses without thinking, a mother with two children making a copy or sending  a FAX at a  7-11, I hope this family has a retirement plan.


women meeting at a local art center, how beautiful everyday—rainy day or sunny day —women are!!


or just walking buy a Shinto shrine…


friends sharing media, how many times did you ever see people together reading the same newspaper article? electronic  media ! Marshall McLuhan !! Steve Jobs!!!


Still tradition is passed on,  taiko and more taiko at a small local mountainside shrine


And walk or don’t walk, electronic media communicating  to pedestrians and vehicles so no one gets run over, or under…


Old doors of perception and enlightenment too


Yellow hats, standard backpacks and kids calling out to each other on the street, never noing what these jerks (me, and you) are leaving for them and only reading history books what great people we were while everyday dealing with the problems we leave them —ah kwatz!, the younger generation, the victims of our stupidity and ignorance and the benefactors of new opportunities and challenges…


Still, the mundane, everyday careerless choice of the most important job in the world.


And still Fuji -San is there to guide us,  as well as those long passed on and those to come.


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