Would Krishna foresake his own happiness for Rakmini

Out my window in Asakusa shapes and textures collide in an ending entangle…


Houses in Tokyo, or the suburbs in Chofu where bikes are ubiquitous


but unlike the US where people ride for exercise in their “stylish bike exercise clothes” most people in Tokyo ride their bikes to get from one place to another.


or maybe just to find another place to sit away from …


still you do not need a bike to do that but maybe exercise trousers help…


Basically there are no zoning laws in Japan, or at least like we know them the US, saves a lot of political bribery and citizen confrontion,  businesses are located where they fall and residence homes where they may  be until they sold to a developer. Here a man has his business trucks parked outside his home.chofu2142_24%ppi100BDetB2800

and there are  fields wherever there is open land.


The Tokyo metro subway and train system, about 14 million people a day ride it, if you took all of the garbage and dirt from the thousands of cars and put it into one car, that car would be cleaner than any car on the BART system in San Francisco,


that car would be cleaner than any car on the BART system in San Francisco.


Old and newhanging outtokyo2121_24%ppi100D800

If I were to think of one thing which represents Japanese people, it would be eating, drinking and talking.


Tako-yaki  is one of the street-time favorites and two women hopefully  in their own business in a market place in Ueno.


and still, a family business  together, I think these people were chinese in a small place in Nishi-Shinjuku 3-Chome. It  was late when I got back, I saw the mabo tofu in the window so I went  in, a bunch of salary men there smoking? no smoking in all other places, still they were there were smoking and an old man and wife made me a mabo tofu set, ¥850 and it was good and original—mabo tofu one of may favorite and may wife makes some great interpretations, its one of those entry level inexpensive  dishes but if a restaurant is good they have their own version and this one was great and original.



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