Someone salted my mind

Walking  from Tsukiji to Ginza and then walking over towards Ginza, this is what people do together when occupying public space while having respect for others.


Some minds have a kid of their own, and kids some mind their own.


While seats in the park seek their mark in the darkness of something else is there, but we do not know what it is, or where it is, or when it is or why it is, but a photograph is a visual record of it, even  when we cannot agree on what we see and except if it is “photoshopped.” …“Hey over there!”


Graphics to read, buttons to push, money to insert, even the human help may naturally pop out like a piece of green grass between the cracks in the cement.


He looked older than me, still doing, am I still doing? enjoying my old age?  How fortunate that I can even ask this question and more fortunate to answer it even if that answer is ignorance.


Alone, night, a Ueno park, older than me? younger than I?  I could say Why don’t we have more humanity than this? But then our humanity does show, we have tried many different things, and yet there are always more people in basic need while there is wealth enough to enable it not to happen.


It could be  that our “solutions”  did not work, or it could be that our solutions would have worked but that as we developed and implemented them the problem also evolved and/ or changed.


While the former suggest our its our failure, the latter suggests without the ability to stop society from changing or the ability to correctly predict the future, everything we do  to make a more humane world is doomed to failure.


But the third alternative is the when we do something, even though its not a 100% solution, it makes some things better for some people and that makes it worth doing as well as give us something more to do tomorrow.




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