Tow key, oh!


Getting around Tokyo using the subway/train system is easy.  The Tokyo system is made up of  “lines”  of Metro subways and trains. In the map below different lines have different colors and the little black/gray boxes with letters and numbers in them are stations.tokuyosubwaymap

Each line has a color,  a letter and stations are classified by a number,  And in the black/gray lined box you can discern two states, all are inside the same station or they might be different which might range from tunnels to having to walk up stairs, down the block and down the stairs to change train lines.


If you are on the train it can look like this above the door (see below). Graphic images were created which visually communicate the details necessary to fully comprehend the information.

The numbers, which are also used as graphic elements—you do not have know that the numbers are in any standardized order, you just have to know which station  you are at, which way the trains go, and to which station you want to go, all information which can be known visually though not instantly. And if you do know the (arabic) numbers, that is a pattern which is immediately understood by the eye.


This information is graphically and  publicly available in the station as you can see below. On the walls are large circles with a letter and number inside,  all in the color of the line. And below, they are graphically explaining a branch off.


One kind of behaviour common inc cities is people standing at traffic/pedistrian lights.


And generally they do this without being a threat to each other.


They can be from all walks of life  and come together  to share this 30 second experience  and then part, rarely even talking to each other .


While these people seem to be enjoying themselves they both not only have on  white pants but matching mostly white jackets. I could not sit down on the -whatever-they-are-sitting on) like that, I would be too uncomfortable worrying about spoiling the clothes.


So many buildings. so many high rise apartment buildings


converging irregular  patterns skytower5286_24%ppi100D800

There are many Japanese houses where  functional  wires and pipes are on the outside, looks kind of like my first impression of Dune (movie) contrasting a story of the future with past-feeling hardware.


A tattoo of a shrine in the country side








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