Take your self, hear

Tako-yaki, these two young women opened up the store at 10:00 am  and they could not make it fast enough . . .ueno1956Det24%ppi100C8

Around the corner from my hotel was Hotel California at Kaminarimon, Sunday -Thursday ¥3700 yen for 90 minutes, tax included . . .


a few blocks away from the Hotel  California is Sensoji at Kaminarimon,


and over around the side, people enjoy using the computer-smartphone, what right does anyone have to be happy?


On the Tokyo Metro I doubt she got this bag as a souvenir on a visit,


In Tokyo there are many situations where old and new meet. Notice the garden, very common among small residences in Tokyo like this.


Remember the images from the set of Tora-san films of the store on the bottom, the kitchen and eating in the back with  sleeping rooms upstairs.


The buildings may be quite older, or perhaps the closer to the end of WWII the more likely they were made with “a less modern level of improvement” than things made after.


Imagine living and working in the same building, and a narrow building like these  in Tokyo . . . how different are  the thoughts in my mind?








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