Photographs: phake pheelings orzen

Like a painting a photograph is color, line, gesture, texture, form, mass, and unlike a painting the viewer will always ask  “What is it?”  “What is it really!!”


1/125 of a second of someone’s life and the photograph becomes a “record of some truth.”


Tomorrow this house will not look the exact same, but close enough so as  you can find it again and  tell it from other houses.


But technically  even in one second things have changed,  the sun has moved, photons electrons, etc have moved or changed—entropy!!


Textures give some consistency


Repetition  gives support


even when the message is less than clear.


It was about 10:30 am, too early to be seduced into a den of debauchery, but the many more is enticing.


When you look at a so many buildings are you thinking some one may be killing someone else, maybe making love, or washing clothes, pitching a proposal or stealing someone’s  money?


I may not even be able to recognize my own hand, but its in the photograph…maybe its been photoshopped to confuse me?


Photographs can be very confusing though never as confusing as words, but this is why we always need some direction in our life, to ensure that we do not get phaked out.


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