For walls forephauls

From a George Jones hit one half  century ago —

Now I’m just a bartender, and I don’t like my work
But I don’t mind the money at all
I see lots of sad faces and
lots of bad cases
of folks with their backs
To the wall

But I need four walls around
me to hold my life
To keep me from
going astray
And a honky-tonk angel
to hold me tight
to keep me
from slipping away

Still if you cannot hear George’s voice, it may halve little meaning. But that is audio! The words are good but the George Jones voice is a qualitative difference.

What about visual?

Daruma (the little red and smaller blue, yellow and grey head)—

is a mythical person—i.e. There are separate historical recordings concerning this person  who brought Dhyana to China where it was called Chan and  Dogen brought Chan to Japan  where people practice zen.



When the editors develop the  titles to  books want to make to suggest the  books a  a “basic, down to the nitty gritty— they say “The Zen of this” or the Zen of that, ”  as if zen is just the basic elements of doing something. But very basically, what is “it” not being done.

Anytime something is not the  some thing it should be, then how can you know  it not being the thing is thing it is being.

No discrimination?  no yin and yang? no opposites?  well then a “Universal? A 1ne knot a 2wo?


I cannot say this as well in words, people  and their everyday behavior ( and then of course add in their feelings, or what you think are their feelings) is so interesting!!!


What is it that pointing a camera can move a man to smilingly salute? If you can answer that you will have an insight into making the USA a better country.


Seeing this Tokyo I have come to better appreciate R.Scott’s visuals in BladeRunner.  There is a certain juxtaposition of WWI visual and modern, perhaps even SCI-FI , visuals that has a unique feeling. I would not want to wear this kind of uniform at fyi work, but where in our society these workers would be low level status, in Japanese society they are  not. (This is not say what they are, just to say they are not.)


Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

I am sure you know who has the © and that I do not stand to make money or personal status by including this, I only wish to remind us of  something  we already know.

Someone alone, in Ueno, a futon of sorts . . .


Out for an after lunch walk with my mother, she had a stroke, lost her memory and suffered from aphasia,

Out for a walk one day after lunch, she lost most her memory and suffered with Expressive Aphasia.

Would you think a photograph is different from an illustration?
This image is made of photographs, yet the overall feeling is of something un real but still the basic visual texture in a photograph.


Or this, a B&W film  image of my shadow on a tree trunk, then manipulated as a duatone in photoshop


TwoMe. tooKnotTwoMe

To me or not to me

But then I remember,
Reaching in, reaching out,


When I have failed to understand what I was seeing,


Or am I  randomly missing out on the advantages of being human?




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