Free WiFi and lessor underections

Two people, one couple? don’t ask don’t tell, but like me, walking around and around and around like a chicken with its head cut off  pointing and clicking, something couples can do together… or I can do alone.


or anti-desperados waiting on a train  that will take them to their job or on a vacation or even to the Pure Land . . .


Fore me the Pure Land is right here,


Many people in the United States have some thought about Buddhism,, we call it a religion, but for others it was just some over willful rich spoiled kid deserting his wife and family—would you or I recognize a Buddha if we saw him, or her, on the street? Or would we too busy seeking our own enlightenment.


Who would have thought in 585 CE this head would be available in many different sizes and colors, still  you have to draw your own I and  hopefully live to draw another one,  Bodhidharma is said to have been the 28th patriarch of Dhyana, who directly stumbled  around  in an easterly direction, arriving in China to bring some less important message . . . which his secret agents are still peddling,


Does a dog?


A stone misoffering and big ears are said to be predictors of economic success


And some may be conned by offerings of cheap sake


There are others who correctly  point the misguidance  . . . but don’t look for enlightenment


while relishing in pleasures of just being alive for an afternoon of pleasures, FREE WIFI? who the hell is WIFI.





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