Fair is wear it fits

Yesterday while asking myself questions about nothing, something came to mind


I had to  choose,  lose my place or sleep in a hollow log . . .


Balancing  myself,  interests  in  taking the middle  road,  t-shirt and jeans would be  enough to make it seem so true  or was it some one a moment never new, mis steak in it was  you.


That is why I am always glad to find lines and curves
Which clam me down and flatten your  yield curve ,
twos and tens pull together


And the spread would shmooze  the duration I choose


I used to spend my lunch hour looking for my muse


Only to find the endscape, get away from it all, make 50 okonomiyaki before its too late


What tower goes there, speak before the cock crows or  the light  fails to show


Had I been , then I would win being grateful for these last few furtive feelings .


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