Nonconjury or zen muddlemindlessness

You might wonder or you might knot, why this chaos emanating from the political knonsensical less than  whatsical is doing— putin has one wish, to disgrace and humiliate the USA on the  whole world stage, payback for what happened to the USSR, and thank you Regan and Republicans for rubbing salt in the  wounds of Russia inflaming the forces of the Treaty of Versailles


James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, the book you cannot “read” inside your head, you have to speak it out like telling a story—its the telling and not the reading,,,

But the spoil of hesitants, the spell of hesitancy. His atake is it ashe, tittery taw tatterytail, hasitense humponadimply, heyheyheyhey a winceywencky.
James Joyce, Finnegans Wake

 The first sentence at the start of  the book is a the second half of the last sentence at the end of the book. One ice thing about the books you can read for decades, and you do need even need a book mark, just open it up and start reading, aloud of course, and when you are done close it, and repeat whenever you want. Unless of course you want to figure out the plot??? but that would be  to earn a PhD ,its more fun to just open it  and read on a whimsey.


Father / son kiseto shuki,  tokkuri/guinomi respectively.


Or you may be be inclined to mix up the Bard with the Buddha…


But I am too busy  listening to you to worry about the problems of others,


or making selfishies of my shadow, still I think the profile makes me look more.


The old Fort Hill , Roxbury on the boundary  line with Jamaica Plain, the Lyman family used to or perhaps still does, live there, this would be early on morning circa 1970forthill10.10.04_800

Things I see on the street, people put paint on the street, often that is their job, painting yellow stripes on the curb, no parking  during delivery hours, and nature makes  it into art …


or  omething patiently waiting for me to leave…


When many people think of Japanese food, they think of  sushi, fugu, Ramen, or you might be sophisticated  enough  to know the difference between soba and udon, I, its about me now, like the street food, takoyaki, okonomiyake, oden, and this looks delicious


But don’t let it get you down however you like it is fine,,


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